Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Day's, New Way's

When the world grants you a pie, 
eat that shit until someone takes it away. 
Friday, sun-up to sun-down, 
behind the curtain
Right here in town. 
Bigger and "better" the day's before
more fun was had
with a group of new familiar faces
trading short lines into good sized arcs
Thanks Marie

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Even though the waves are marginal here,
keep it positive and remember....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strange Rumblings is Here. They Just Keep Getting Better

Finally the most anticipated film of the year is upon us with a July 31st world premiere right here in Southern California...and Dorybeach will be there

How do Joe G and team just always seem to make them that much better
We're excited....are you?

Friday, June 13, 2014

_+ Schaffer / Lowers +_

With Friday upon us and a good South in the water,
it's only appropriate to throw up some new surf smut
from our friend & colleague, Ricky Schaffer.
We're praying to surf on this level when we reach his age...
Keep shredding and check out his new company, GROM Manufacturing

Friday, June 6, 2014

Standby : Birthday Trips

For a recent birthday, Dorybeach decided to hop on standby w/ the assistance and of course company of a fine lady. and see where they wound up! 
They wound up in Oahu, Hawaii
A bit torn on how to feel about Hawaii, and seeing it as possibly a new love or possibly just a bucket list experience check off...
It was an incredible experience, and yet again, we were presented with a "pleasantly surprised" traveling experience, and one that we cannot wait to repeat again. 

Was really cool to see the Duke statue and the reverence even the locals who see it every day pay to it
The beginnings

And this was a less expensive on... Mahalo...pshhh

Line Up Marker
You should be praying if your out there

Waimea Bay looks different in the summer

No 100 point rides today

understatements of the year

Its was called a star puffy
it was fluffy and sugary and mouthgasmic


Playing on the reef at Pipe, checking it out, I surfaced to find myself joined by a massive sea turtle

Middle East side lookout find

"There's a hole in that island"
There was a story told about how each of these small island out off the point was from a piece of a head that an ancient god cut off and them up and threw in the ocean

not a big food blog by any means, 
but this was worth it

K'ou'ou'ou'li'lu Point
Eastide, Oahu

the pine portion felt like carpet on your feet

this ones for Colin Scott

Shaka. Aloha

Hanging Out

Kook of the Day
Hawaii style

Sand and Hermit Crab's from la Playa @ Pipeline

Jumping off things at Waimea Bay
Probably the most intense local line up we saw the whole time

reminder, California is where you hang your hat

Thursday, June 5, 2014

_+ CJ & Damo Documentary +_

Two of the best pro surfers and people to ever grace this earth.
Please donate to help make this film happen.
We already have and hope you'll do the same!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mental Health Day May #2

Mentally feeling so refreshed after yesterday...Dorybeach decided to make a run at doing it again
These are two days back to back in May
                                           The Boardroom International Surfboard Show
Held in Del Mar Fairground's, Del Mar, San Diego
Is a nerdy meet and greet off all there is in the world of surfboard crafters

Chauncey's Surf-O-Rama Representing Out West

The block of foam shape off was intense
Flying foam and dust and sweat and no electricity

The world was extra-super at the Super Booth

ewwwwwww colors from the Lucky Bastard's and ...Lost

Looks like something Zac right ride!

Here's super-grom Simon Hetrick, Dorybeach's own Drew, and stoke master (and a preferred shaper of Dorybeach's) discussing the latest and greatest in something completely not related to surfing at all 

Dorybeach's Step Up self birthday present...
and Adam's REAL step up... for Jaw's etc...
where does your shaper surf?

watch out for on #kookoftheday

Long good day's are just good day's with icing on top

Mental Health Day May

yesterday was an interesting day for Dorybeach here in San Clemente
we are a burrito, drank a beer with a good friend
and surfed all fucking day
"Mental Health Day"

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Si Por Favor Summer

As Dorybeach intensely ponders the logistics of our next world tour surf adventure
we have at least narrowed down that we will be...
1. Speaking Spanish
2. Drinking Cerveza
3. Wearing trunks
4. Getting Barrelled over sandy bottoms in off shores

Here's the newest collab from the boys @ SurfingTheMag to get you stoking on our plans of action as well

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Heavvvvvvvyyy (and some not so much!)

After 23 years Kelly and Quik part ways
With no real reasons other than Kelly Inc. that will be owned by the kering group,
we wonder how much "the new quick" has had an effect.

This is one of those "wake up and start your day with" song's
Aloe is a stud

Monday, March 10, 2014

VISSLA Team Diversifes In Baja

Team VISSLA diversifies down in Baja
Getting radical with single fin prowess as well as
a ripping-shredding-a-tearing
courtesy of AJW team rider Cam Richards

Stoked on this. 
Get out there

Friday, February 28, 2014

It Is As Good As It Is

It was a rainy day here in Southern California
We did a lot periods of time and for others we did absolutely nothing at all 
Alone and with others. 
This could be about a lot of things
The ocean, a women, life itself
The sky was falling (still is) and we had to smile and ask ourselves, 
WHY (are we still smiling)
Because....we came to realize....that it is exactly as good as it is. 
Hope you enjoy 

She comes and she goes
But when she is there all is well in your worlds.

She is beautiful when sun kissed and clean, crisp and visually perfect.
As much so as when she is dirty, wind blown and variably scary.

An interrupted & desperate stormy orange sunset cast’s her in an unnamable golden hue
And you can see only then the grace in her imperfection.

There is a dualism that exists in everything, but in some things and some times
you will find yourself feeling gifted just to be in their presence.

All of it.

You feel lucky just to be there, with her…
Feeling her, touching her, hearing her, smelling her, tasting her.

She is not yours in the same way you are not hers.
There is a dance, without true control more so a complimentary use of energies

Yours and hers,
Attempting to see just how wrapped up you can get.

And you just have to let it be…

As good as it actually is